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Marshall Arts Fine Handwoven Textiles


Marshall Arts Fine Handwoven Textiles: Rilla Marshall

My current work investigates the potential vulnerability of our coastal communities due to development, erosion and potential sea level rise. Referencing the terrain and shorelines of Canada’s east coast, my work depicts the liminal spaces where ocean meets land and considers the forces that shape our landscape.

With a particular focus on islands, my shoreline mapping uses weaving, embroidery and crochet to explore the constant negotiation between land and ocean and the ways this negotiation shapes our personal and collective relationship with our cultural identity. With a focus on hand-weaving, I integrate traditional textile patterning into my work, enabling me to bring the lay of the land to a human scale through the intimacy of hand-worked textiles. Through my practice, I acknowledge and investigate the tension between nostalgia, the inevitability of change and the fickle notion of progress.

Phone: 902-213-7309