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Pinhole Photography Gallery: Mary Carr-Chaisson

Mary Carr-Chaisson is a visual artist and pinhole photographer in the Charlottetown area.  She has been creating pinhole photographs since the early 90’s, where she learned the technique as a fine arts student. 

Pinhole cameras can be constructed out of  materials such as cans, boxes, etc.  The camera body must be made light-tight by lining the interior with black construction paper, and taping the sides with black electric tape to prevent light from leaking in.  A small piece of pie plate or thin brass can be used to make the camera lens.  The aperture is made by drilling a tiny pin-hole into the brass or pie plate.  This is then attached to the body of the camera.  A material such as cardboard or cork can serve as the camera shutter.  

Mary takes pictures the “old fashioned” way with film, and then hand-pulls the prints in her darkroom.   Mary enjoys the element of surprise always present in her works via the pinhole camera.  Reflections, movement, and texture of the subjects, as well as the feelings they evoke are present in her work.

You can purchase work by this Artisan at Eptek Centre or by contacting the artist directly.

Address: 25 Woodlawn Dr, Charlottetown, PE C1A 6K8
Phone: 902-628-1575